Brandy House Farm


For your and our safety and protection through this pandemic we have worked hard to

  • Operate within the Law (We are in Wales and so subject to Welsh Law, please note that our restrictions differ from the rest of the UK)
  • Meet guidelines. We are following the protocols for Wales as laid out by Wales Tourism Alliance
  • Continue to offer you a quality holiday

However for those of you who who have been before you will see some changes!

We currently have only re-opened our self-catering accommodation

The following is a breakdown of the measures we will put in place to protect you our guests, Dawn and Niki our support team and ourselves.

We will have less contact with you than before due to social distancing advice and offering contactless arrivals and departures, your cottage will be left unlocked for you. Due to the enhanced cleaning we are undertaking, check in is now strictly after 4pm and check out is by 10 am. (If you are bringing horses then we have got some ideas of places you might like to visit en-route.

In line with current guidelines we have ‘Streamlined’ the cottages. So we have removed items that we dont feel we can satisfactorily disinfect or quarantine between guests. So you will not find any games, books, maps or DVD’s any longer & we have removed hairdryers; you will need to bring your own. We have removed cushions, throws and extra blankets as these would need washing between guests which we just cant cope with so please bring your own throw /extra blankets if you feel the cold.

All information and route portfolio are now on-line. (We are not able to offer a guiding service)

We are deep cleaning and disinfecting between guests and will be quarantining removable items. This means that between guests we will be removing and replacing with items that have been quarantined (for a minimum of 3 days) the following

From the kitchen

  • washing up liquid,
  • hand sanitising soap
  • any unused dishwasher tablets
  • anti viral spray
  • bin bag

From the bathrooms

  • toilet cleaner
  • loo rolls
  • popin bags

For this reason we will no longer be supplying shower gel or shampoo in the bathrooms but will leave tablets of soap for you that will be disposed of between guests

So In your cottage we will provide

  • 2 x loo rolls per loo
  • washing up liquid
  • soap tablets
  • Sanitising soap pump in the kitchen
  • 1 new fly tape (incase of flies)
  • toilet cleaner

Please note that you will unfortunately NOT have access to washing machine or tumble dryer during your stay as these are shared facilities which we are not currently allowed to open.

Please read our [hf-card-link=”/departure”]departure notes[/hf-card-link]

We ask that you

  • Strip the beds of sheets and pillow cases that you have used and place them together with all towels in the laundry bags provided,
  • Clear all your recycling and landfill rubbish
  • Dispose of dishcloths and soap tablets in the rubbish.
  • Leave tea towels separate from the linen as we wash these in-house

Holiday Cleaning Disinfectant Measures

  • As normal, be cleaning thoroughly before your check-in.
  • We will be disinfecting all surfaces, curtains and carpets, and stone walls with disinfectant spray. (Peritab an all round sanitiser that kills all known microorganisms: viruses, bacteria, spores, mould, fungi, yeast and biofilms. This combined Disinfectant/cleaner has the highest kill rate available – 99.99998% or Log Kill 7.)
  • We will be will be using appropriate PPE for changeovers to protect us and our next guests
  • We will continue to use Telford Laundry. Linen and towels are all washed to NHS standard with ozonised water which is 1000 times more powerful than bleach. (Their Deliveries / Collections are contact less and the driver will be suitablyPPE’d).
  • Mattress and pillow protectors will be changed with each changeover and mattresses and pillows disinfected with a spray of Peritab solution)
  • We will be dishwashing and hand washing all crocs and pots and utensils in the kitchen (hence the reduced inventory) but if you are at all concerned we would suggest you re-wash prior to use as we cant guarantee to get it all through the dishwashers in time.
  • We are leaving a minimum of 32 hours between departures and arrivals

We doing all we can to be as eco-friendly as possible, whilst introducing more disinfecting measures.

For guests bringing horses we have also increased our sanitisation procedures on the yard

  • We are splitting the barns and the paddocks so that you will not ‘cross paths’ with guests from the other cottage who may have horses here.
  • We will be providing hand sanitisers in each barn.
  • There will be no access to our equipment, you need to bring your own poo picking equipment: barrow or skip and gloves, pooper scooper, stable cleaning equipment (we use pellet beds so a shaving fork & brush works fine)
  • Hay; please bring your own haynets. Hay is included and provided within the livery fee but if you prefer to bring your own we wont be offended!
  • our hay is in a round bale from which you help yourself, NOTE other guests will have access to the same bale so we request you wear gloves to get your hay or sanitise your hands

Note the Barn Room and our utility room/cellar are out of bounds as we are unable to open any shared facilities

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN HAND SANITISER FOR WHEN YOU ARE OUT AND ABOUT ESPECIALLY GOING THROUGH GATES.. If you bring wipes please dispose of them in the rubbish and do not flush them in the loo as we are on a septic tank (Thankyou:))

GETTING OUT AND ABOUT – TOP TIP: being on the border you will find that pubs etc on the English side of the border have different rules than those on the Welsh side.

If you become unwell with Covid-19 symptoms

  • Do not come if you or a member of your party are ill or displaying symptoms (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste) or if you have been told to self-isolate.
  • Should you or any of your party present with any Covid-19 symptoms within 14 days before your holiday, you should inform us immediately and we will endeavour to move your booking to an alternative date.
  • If you present with symptoms while on holiday you should notify us immediately and return home to self-isolate according to current government guidance.
  • If you have acute symptoms such as breathing difficulties, seek help immediately.

NHS 111 online coronavirus service.